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Sooooo.... Steph posed some very interesting questions for me to answer. She also couched them in a lot of thou's, which appealed to my love of Shakespeare.

Without further ado, here are the questions (and answers)...

1. Dost thou speaketh any other languages? If so, what is thine go-to phrase when people say "Ooh, say something in that language?

Good starter question, Steph. I am not fully fluent in any language, including English, but I can get by somehow in Français with many slip ups and gesticulations. My ability to speak Français vastly improves with any one of:

(A) Lack of sleep

(B) Immersion in Francophone surroundings

(C) Imbibing in alcohol

Since I'm not a big un-tee-totaller and try to sleep as much as possible, I usually rely more on (B). If I'm asked to say something, it's usually "Le grenouille est dans la fênetre." I have a much more obscene phrase for use among close friends that involves potatoes, but it's not printable here.

2. Hast thine car ever run out of gas? What did you do?

Fortunately, no running out of gas, but I have had a car come to a slow stuttering stop after a grating sound rattled through its frame. It was a Volkswagon Golf, a very willful car that I parted ways with soon after: a small turbo car that was more tur-bid than -bo. That car seduced me with its sleek and shiny, navy blue lines and the promise of amazing acceleration while going on Slurpee runs. Sadly, its promise of true turbocharger love was a ruse. After a honeymoon period where we gallivanted happily together through well-paved city streets, the car started demanding more and more of my attention, turning high maintenance in its neediness of my time and money, but not of my company.

Soon, it preferred to spend more time with its mechanic than me. That's when I knew the relationship was doomed, but still I persisted. It took our relationship grinding to a complete halt to finally see that the car wanted to break up with me. Was it my garage? My choice of outings on the weekend? I'll never know. The car just stopped working on our "Us time." What I did was get it towed to the dealership garage and fix it. I wasn't the type to leave a former flame stranded alone on the street. The car appreciated the thought and agreed to a repair reprieve, giving me enough time to swing a deal and upgrade to a different vehicle model. I haven't seen the car since. I did keep the backseat middle headrest as a memento and still keep an eye out for a little dark blue car missing that piece. I hope it's happy with its new driver. I wish them well.

3. Didst thou go to university, and what was thy major or focus?

​Yes, indeedy, I was a university rat. *Puts out fur coat, beanie hat and waves university team pennant* My first few years were spent working (and achieving) a General Science degree. However, I took as many Arts courses as possible... Latin, Logic, Philosophy, World Religions, Fine Arts, English... and still managed to meet my course requirements to get a degree.

I had my eye on Medicine even then, but I was determined to spend some time musing on life and meeting people in different streams of university study. It meant that I didn't go directly into Medicine after my second year, but don't regret that time. Some very memorable moments, both inside and outside the classroom, occurred. One particular moment involved a discussion on World Religion, and whether you can live comfortably off the streets. Within the wide range of personalities in class, two most polar ones took great umbrage with each other's opinion. The strict, precision note-taking guy scoffed heartily at the the black trench coat bearded dude's assertion that you can adapt to anything, including having very little support and clothing in life, and still survive. The uptight guy openly mocked trench coat dude, saying "You couldn't live without clothes." Little did we know, a gauntlet thrown would be picked up.

Next class, trench coat dude came in wearing a trench coat... and not much else. The rest of his clothing was quite a few editions of the university newspaper scotch-taped together into a reasonable facsimile of a poncho. Hairy legs aside, it didn't look too bad. No untoward openings. Needless to say, uptight guy sat thin lipped through the whole class, and snatched his books up and ran when the class was over. I later saw hairy legs comfortably stretched out from underneath his newspaper dressage, hanging around the main campus seating area. What was he doing there? Reading a newspaper.

Anyways, yes... I did go to university. Many memorable moments. Many not repeatable here.

4. What is thine starter Pokemon?

​Charmander. Definitely Charmander.​ I like the idea of a cute little creature being able to incinerate a great big swath through whatever it sees. My second choice would be Squirtle as I do appreciate water and swimming pools and such. Of course, Piplup is another favourite, simply because I like saying its name over and over (until I unwittingly annoy someone and am told to stop).

​5. Black thumb, or digit of greenest emerald?

This question, surprisingly, I have to answer BOTH. I do have a green thumb, and if I put my mind to it (key word "if"), can coax a flower, fruit or seed out of quite a few things. Unfortunately, my interest usually wanes. I have killed a cactus before. Hard to do. I'm much more respectful with cactuses since then. As a result, I've had only one plant that has stayed with me throughout the years, a hardy rubber tree plant that occasionally filled in as a Christmas tree. I tried to sell this monstrosity at various garage sales that my friends have had (25 cents is usually the price I ask) but nobody ever felt a great need to buy it. It has been various places with me, including one time we used it for an unsanctioned redecoration of a University Dean's office. I still got it back, much to my chagrin. Even the Dean didn't like it. I'm happy to say that the plant has since found a nice home during one of our city's weekend giveaways. It was chosen over a favourite vest of mine that I accidentally put out. I do miss the plant and I haven't worn the vest since.

​6. In a world where thy eyebrows were, in fact, long enough to reach the brim of thine hat, dost thou trim them or let them be ala Gandalf?

Shorn. Let mine eyebrows be shorn. Mine own magic is dependent on seeing things clearly despite curtains of words or pictures obscuring. I need to be able to sense, intuit, decipher... and eyebrows longish and hanging would be a distraction. I'm distracted enough by food, already.

7. What was the first chapter book thou ever read, and why?

Ahhhhhh!!! I can't remember the first one! I do remember a book called The Lollipop Princess, about a picky princess who won't marry unless the prince (or princess as would be in an updated version, let's be current, please) shows up with the lollipop to end all lollipops. It's actually a play for popsicle stick puppets. Marvelous. Made me very hungry for sugar anytime I read it.

8. How many poems can thou recite at will?

None. Only bits and pieces.

Tiger, tiger, burning bright.

Let us go then, you and I, through half-deserted streets...

In the room where women come and go, talking about Michelangelo...

See? Not much. I can recite the most lines from T. S. Eliot's The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock, which is my favourite poem.

My talent lies more in singing songs and remembering lyrics, or just enough lyrics with just enough words wrong to annoy people. Now THAT I excel in.

9. If I say we must do something for the good of many, not the few, thy answer will be:

"What's in it for me?"

No, seriously, I would want to know who decided what and why it's good before we do it. What effect it would have? I need to make my own judgement.

10. What is knee high by the fourth of July?

Either CORN or my answers... or both!



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1) What Book or Book series would you have loved to write, and why?

2) Where in the world would you like to spend a month if you could go right now? Why?

3) What job was your childhood dream job?

4) What is your favourite restaurant (Either actual or type of)? If you took me there, what would you recommend I eat?

5) What odd quirk or skill do you have that you are particularly proud of?

6) Black pen or blue?

7) Who do you most admire in the Writer's World or in Arts World in general?

8) What nicknames do you have (and how did you get the weirdest one)?

9) Do you like pancakes?

10) What is your favourite YouTube clip or Meme?

You can reach Steph via Twitter @SHunterNi

Life here on this website has been pretty slack. No new posts other than updates about a forthcoming novel... Soon! Soon, I promise!​

I was dusting off this page, wondering what to do with it, when one of my writer friends, Stephanie Hunter-Nisbet, nominated me to answer her questions about being a writer and my life in general.

For those of you who love books, Steph is definitely an author to know. She is a talented, prolific writer who has published masterpieces. Her Saint Flaherty series is amazing. I personally recommend the first of that series, 

What Boys Are Made Of, as a 2016 summer read. Steph also writes great short stories and a wonderful children's play that is a must read for adults, too!