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​It's still sunny outside which is a marvellous thing. It also means that the Sunshine Blog is alive and well and still making its rounds. I've been nominated again by Agnes Bookbinder to answer some more probing questions into what makes me tick... or tock... or talk... or just babble incoherently at times...

First, I should mention that the whole Sunshine Blog exposé was dreamt up by Loarna Greene on Twitter. She wondered a few things about the people she was tweeting with and decided the sneakiest way to get writers to talk about themselves was to give them an award and demand a speech in return.

Thus, the Sunshine Award.

And writers, being writers, took to it like SYRUP to PANCAKES.

There were some guidelines established of which I've likely broken most of them... but... WRITER. We do that sort of thing all the time.

I was negligent in mentioning the rules on the previous Sunshine Award, so here goes:

1. Get nominated. (Well that's done. Good, good.)

2. Answer 11 questions posed to you. (I'm getting to that)

3. Think of up to 11 nominees to pass the award forward to. (Will do)

4. Think of 11 questions. I did 10 questions in my previous one so the 11th was a ghost question that you couldn't see. LB Scott requested I post it on Twitter and her answer to it was a doozy. I'll include her answer below as I'm going to repeat that question at the very end.


I was nominated for another Sunshine Award by the lovely Agnes Bookbinder...

Agnes is a self-described "Love of Nonsense & Admirer of Enthusiasm." What more could you ask in a friend? Those are fine qualities that do very well with many fun things. Agnes is both a writer and an artist. A double whammy person with the pen. I've included a link to her blog spot and Twitter account (click on the logos) as well as two of her drawings (with her permission) so you can get a feel of the beauty of her words and talent.



*Casts admiring glance at pictures above...*


Isn't she wonderful?!!

So anyways, onto the questions that Agnes posed...

​1. What is your greatest source of inspiration for writing?

Excellent question. And a writer's question. Double excellent!

Short answer: Conversation.

Long Answer: I have a "Muse" that is a mix of many things, including musing and being amused. Now, muses are historically quite ethereal and hard to put into words, which is especially odd if a muse is for writing. The basis for what I consider to fall in the category of "Muse" is all in my head... conversation. Stories usually come to me through mulling over different ideas and following paths of thought into interesting fields and forests, meandering through emotions and motifs of expression, and watching the birds and flowers grow.

Confusing? Yes. Commusing? Definitely.

But it's my mind. Welcome to my playground. Enjoy the teeter-totter. The swing set, too.

2. What did you have for breakfast this morning?

I'm writing this before breakfast, which is one of the times I occasionally write. Odd, considering I'm such a stomach-dependent creature. When I do have breakfast, it's likely to be apple juice, scrambled eggs, banana, and toast with peanut butter and honey. I'll wash the whole thing down with a big glass of milk. What? No pancakes, you say? Maybe I'll sneak one in later.

3. What is the first book you remember reading by yourself?

This, I remember clear as day. It was the beginning of kindergarten. I was a feral child, which I've often said. I was interested in books and had a few at home that I looked through for pictures and easy story-telling but I don't remember those. They just were part of me. I could read them in my fashion of knowing the words and their pattern much like I knew that I had two hands and two feet. So the act of reading was more the act of knowing.

It was only in kindergarten that someone put a book in front of me that I hadn't chosen for myself.Rosie's Walk by Pat Hutchins. It made me sit up and notice that words didn't have to be in the same combination as the books I read at home. It was a new story, with new words. Sure, I did go to the library and took out books for home. But this was the first school book imposed on me that my classmates were reading, too, and we would discuss afterwards. It is that impact that makes Rosie's Walk the first book I read.

Rosie doesn't get eaten by the fox, by the way. She makes it home safe.

4. What is your favourite colour and why?

Agnes, I added a couple of "U"s into that question. Just so you know.

My favourite colour is purple. I'm a purple fanatic. So much so that I will eat foods that are coloured purple even if I don't like the taste.

Not just any purple. It has to be more blue-than-red rich tone of purple. The saturated tone of it just sings to me. It reminds me of blueberries and flowers. Yes, I know. Blueberries are supposed to be blue. But if you look closely, hidden in its round prism of fruitiness is the colour purple.

5. Where would you visit in a transporter?

Is this a time and space transporter or just a space-place transporter?

Assuming time and space, I would visit three or four different areas. First I would make a backwards jump to visit Italy during the time of princes and small fiefdoms. I would roam the Tuscan roads for a while, eating breakfast from the orchards I came across, until someone noticed I was trespassing and wasn't wearing the right clothes for the period and tried to rob me. Then I would nip over to Japan during cherry blossom time maybe a decade ago, visiting up and down the coast in the bullet train. Up Mount Fuji then down and over to Kyoto and further west to the mountains. I would next swing over to Vietnam of modern times and have lunch. Then, off to the British Isles of Scotland, Ireland and Wales, spending the afternoon exploring Bens and Glens. If it was sunny and the no-see-ums weren't around to bite, I was laze around a creek in the 18th century, watching the water flow over pebbles and stones. I would probably make it down to modern London for supper and a play or two to round off the long but fun day. Bedtime would see me lazing in a hammock watching the stars somewhere in lake country of Canada.

6. When would you visit in your time machine?

Ah! I didn't read this question until I answered the previous. I refer to above. Though, I might add I would go back in time to a few moments where I didn't have enough time with loved ones and relive or redo those moments.

7. What is your greatest strength?

The ability to see patterns in people, places, things and events is a strong ability that I have, and I use it at work, home and in writing. I hope that understanding people is another strength that I have but I doubt it.

8. Who do you most admire, living or dead, and why?

​Terry Fox is a personal hero. Terry is a young man who decided to run across Canada in the late 1970's to raise money for cancer research. That in itself is a herculean feat. That he did it after battling bone cancer and had one leg amputated as a result just ups the ante. Terry's Miracle of Hope Marathon inspired a lot of people. He made it from Newfoundland to Thunder Bay when a devastating event occurred. His cancer had returned. He died soon after. Terry never made it physically through the rest of Canada, but we run every year in his honour. His fundraising spurred further research and advances in the treatment of cancer.

I never met Terry Fox, but you don't have to meet someone to appreciate their spirit. There is a bust of Terry's head in the city park where I sometimes ride a bike. I always take time to pause by the statue and give Terry a pat hello. He worked hard to help others. He was a kind spirit.

9. Okay, MacGyver. Save the world. What will you use & how will you do it?

Is the world worth saving? Most definitely yes. How do I save it? I can't do it alone. Anything this big and all encompassing needs buy in from others. Else, you're just a dictator imposing your will. Hey! That doesn't sound too bad, though.

I am a dictator who imposes her will on everyone. You will all do as I say. I have hypnotic eyes. A hypnotic voice. What do I want? PANCAKES.

First up. Breakfast. You will all bring me pancakes.

See? While you're making breakfast, you're all too busy to fight. Now, doesn't that feel much better? We're all getting along. Pass the syrup.

Now, pollution. We've been too busy eating to drive our cars and run our factories. Except for the pancake mix factory. A few of you have to keep that running. Right. Off you go. See? Beijing has its skyline back. We can breathe clean fresh air. Much better already.

How about disease? Well, you're too busy cutting up bananas and washing blueberries for the pancakes to get sick from smoking or catch the latest flu bug from each other. And make sure you wash your hands before we all sit down to eat.

Okay, fine. War? Gone. Pollution? On its way out the door. Disease? Nearly eradicated. I think that's enough for now. How did this dictator do it?


10. Which vice? Which virtue?

Vice... food. Thinking about my next meal even as I'm finishing the last one.

Virtue... I'm pretty easy-going and flexible... unless I'm really hungry or haven't had much sleep.

11. What is your favourite genre to write? To read?

My favourite genre to read is fiction. All of it. Except for the nasty ones where there's gore everywhere. Give me an exotic locale or time and I'm so in. A quirky voice that is slightly curmudgeonly in either description or character... boo yaaaaa!!

As for writing... I haven't settled into a genre. I enjoy all that I've written. Why limit yourself?


I nominate

Kerri Keberly

Eliza Nolan


1. What is your advice to other writers that has helped you?

2. What was your favourite TV show as a kid?

3. Where in the world would you like to live for a year and why?

4. Mountain, volcano or cloud. Which one and why?

5. What is your favourite cereal?

6. If you could name a star, what would you call it and why?

7. What is your essential item for travelling?

8. What famous person have you been in the past? Describe how it felt.

Note: LB Scott's answer was Marie Antoinette because she liked lavish parties, large hats and staying up until dawn!

​9. Do you believe in magic? Why or why not?

10. Agnes says we need you to save the world. How do you do it?

11. What song best describes your 'current life'?

​Thanks for reading