L. M. Bryski

L. M. Bryski 

L. M. (Lisa) Bryski lives somewhere deep in the heart of Canada. She is a short blonde chick who can't hold back from throwing the occasional punch... line. 

In addition to writing books, Lisa also does the following:

  • Medical advice for literature and media such as movie and television screenplays
  • Public speaking: Book readings, Medicine and the media
  • Comedy

Her interests include (either now in the past):
Learning to walk, speak, read and print.
Motivations and missteps
Jane Austen
Betty White doing Thrash Metal
Shibuya Crossing in Tokyo. Awesome.
Fixing up people after bar fights (not her own)
Non sequiturs

Her fears include:
Getting stuck with making dinner
Boggle (more of a morbid fascination, really)
Not having anything to say